Small Business Stories from New York Times:
In Silicon Valley, You Can Be Worth Billions and It’s Not Enough
4/23/2024 4:03 AM
Andreas Bechtolsheim, the first investor in Google, has an estimated $16 billion fortune. He recently settled charges that he engaged in insider trading for a profit of $415,726...Read More
Truth Social Has an Edge as Rival Right-Wing Apps Falter
4/22/2024 9:40 PM
Donald Trump’s social media platform has outdistanced similar conservative sites such as Parler and Gettr, even as it lags far behind X and others...Read More
Kit Vintage Is a Secondhand Oasis in Los Angeles
4/16/2024 9:38 AM
A laid-back shop in Los Angeles is a semi-secret spot for celebrities and costume designers...Read More
Should You Use an Anti-Wrinkle Straw?
4/19/2024 9:49 PM
Another solution to a problem we didn’t know we had...Read More
Here’s Why This Bouquet of Red Roses Costs $72 in NYC.
4/16/2024 5:00 PM
A dozen red roses is timeless. But its price tag is not. At Ditmars Flower Shop in Queens, where costs have soared in recent years, a bouquet is $72, up from $60 in 2019...Read More

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